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Master Key Lock System

Seeking the best solutions for better key management and improved security? With the right master system, you can get what you want down to the last detail. If you like a well-installed master key lock system in Burlington, Ontario, get in touch with our locksmith. We have been setting such systems of all designs for a very long time. Our staff can help you decide which design will be convenient to you. Whether you are interested in a complex office master key system or a rather simple design for an apartment complex, let us help.

We have the experience to setup any master key lock system

The locksmiths from our company have been installing office, commercial, and apt building master key system designs of all sorts. In an effort to keep residential and commercMaster Key Lock System Burlingtonial buildings in Burlington secured and easily accessible, we do our best to suggest the best designs to each and every customer.

What you gain from your master key system?

  • Easy access control although your locks will still be mechanical
  • A choice of who is having access to which area in your building
  • Excellent key management since master keys will open the doors you like
  • A cost effective solution to high security concerns

How master key lock systems work?

There is a reason why there are many master key lock system options. In their simplest form, master systems would enable you to open all building doors with one master key. But more complex systems would include more master keys. The general master key locks and unlocks all doors. But then there might be a master key to open the director’s office and the office door of this particular department. Another master key might open the door of all staff areas but also the main entrance. This can be a long tree-like design with as many master keys you want. Let Locksmith Burlington be of assistance.

Want to plan the best master key system for your building? Contact our locksmith. Let us help you make the right decisions and handle your new master key lock system Burlington setup. Call us if you have any questions.