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Did you know that we can rekey locks in Burlington and save you money? Whether you have a home, business or both, security depends a lot on key control. You can have the most effective lock in the industry, but if you cannot account for all the keys it becomes vulnerable. Your first inclination might be to change out the existing locks, but this is not your only option. At Locksmith Burlington we are out to save you money by administering quality results you can trust.Rekey Locks Burlington

Key control is essential in the residential and business community. There will be occasions when you need to change or rekey locks. When you buy a used business or home, there is no way of knowing how many keys are floating around to the existing locks. Even if the buildings are new, chances are the contractors have keys that have been dispersed to various sub-contractors. Okay, we have established a problematic scenario. Now you must determine if you want to replace or rekey the locks.

Rekey Service over Lock Replacement

You can change your locks whenever you want. In some cases, you may want to enhance the quality of the devices for security reasons. Perhaps you want products that are more decorative or user-friendly. None of these options are cost efficient solutions for key control. A key change is more sufficient and that is what you get when you have your locks rekeyed. During this process, our technician will remove the pins and springs and add different ones that support a new set of keys. This key replacement process is recommended as long as the existing locks are still of good quality.

If the contractor works on many homes at once, chances are they are using a master key system. This allows them to use the same set of keys for every house. By removing the master pin, we eliminate this vulnerability as well. Make Burlington Locksmith your number one choice for lock rekeying service.